Monday, August 1, 2011

I've never been so broken[Song]

I've never been so broken as to sigh at empty pages
I've never been so broken as to blame anyone for my hatred
I've never seen a sunrise so bleak
Never crumbled in less than one week
But then why every time I see you I still smile?

You moved on quick
You got away fast
And I'm still caught up in the past
I'm in the dust
I've hit the bottomless pit
Remember, when you warned me about it

A while ago
When I used to know
You so well
Now everyday I try to look away
This is the first time I've felt anything close to Hell

I guess now
It's for sure
That all your thoughts
Are of her
So why can't
I sleep?

I've never been so broken as to throw my middle finger to the sunset sky
I've never been so broken as to just wonder "Why can't I die?"
I've never
I've never
I've never felt this way
And I'm suspended in between love and hate

Why can't I barricade a thought of you
It just blasts me into
Another night of memories
Another night of cries and pleas
But you've forgotten about me.
My God you've forgotten about me
And I'll always think of you every day...

But I've never been so broken as to lie awake and cry the night away.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hey Look Another Song:D

Sometimes I wish I could run away from all the pain
Fuck the umbrella, just go dancing in the rain
We're running to the land of Oz
In rain, snow, sun or fog we'll go
There's so much to show

Hold my hand, we can make it
Hurricane, we can take it
Don't restrain, never fake it
Won't complain, we can shake it

Dusting off our shoulders with our heads held high
No pain, no gain, the people of the world cry
So I'll endure the weather
But if it never gets better
Imma blame you [sorry] for ever and ever
It wont be your fault lets not forget,
When the thunder is coming and we get a little wet
We'll walk in the thunderstorm
But you're still by my side so my smile stays warm

I'm like oh, boy you really got my hopes held high
No matter the color of the sky
I'll always be lost in your eyes
Because I'm so mesmerized

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And I'm

Swimming through a sea of pain
burning my skin like acid rain
and I'm falling.
and I'm falling.

No one seems to hear my screams
or see the tears that mark my dreams
and I'm crying.
and I'm crying.

I am hiding all my cuts
shameful, painful, deep red ruts,
and I'm praying.
and I'm praying.

A storm cloud's raining on my head
I'm partially alive, but dead
and I'm hoping.
and I'm hoping.

You promised, you promised me but then, again, I see
and I'm falling and I'm crying and I'm praying and I'm hoping and I'm fighting

For You.
My eyes remain dry
I can't cry anymore
I miss you already; it's Hell
and I'm so torn
the walls of the world crumble around me
only thoughts of you surrounding my heart
where do I start?
I'm shattered, broken, choking on tears 
because my pansy fears are true-
but I never want to go to school because I'll die of missing you.


Is the future worth the present-
is the past so long ago? 
How long has it been since winter-
it's been ages since the snow.
The present is now, the past- the last word you read. 
You won't ever go back or forward in time,
despite what scientists said.

You may cast your predictions
You may look at history
But you'll never EVER see again what your eye of the present sees.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Your Eyes

Distract me with your eyes
That jump around the room
the bright sun glistening
through a foggy autumn afternoon
dewdrops form into rainbows
as your eyes, they melt to gold
your face is hypnotizing- 
           It tells stories that have never been told.


When the sky is sunlit, and blooming with the morning-
or when the clouds are blackened, when the sky is scorning-
the people of these darkened days
will fight to go their separate ways


the world will ever be. 

Meet Me Halfway

Meet me halfway, beneath the stars, beneath the moon,
under the weeping willow in the park. 

Meet me halfway, beneath the stars, beneath the moon, 
when the night has fallen, when it's dark. 

Meet me halfway, bring yourself, bring your smile, 
we can talk while sitting in trees. 

Meet me halfway, between your house and mine, 
and we'll laugh in the soft summer breeze.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Music is unexplainable
any little sound
the pitter-patter of rain
or guitar
So unfound-
undiscovered voices,
bird singing sweetly
maybe just static from the speakers of a tv
the silence may be the best music of all
Everyone must try it-
no doubt, you wont fall
music is laughter or voices in your head
music are mourners crying when people are dead

It is dancing
it's loving
it's pushing, or shoving, whatever the matter
it must have a beat
to create a musical masterpiece to me
is only the smallest of feats


Maybe it's pity
maybe it's sorrow
But you cant look up from yesterday to the morrow
Your heart stopped when the words were said
Surely he wasn't dead?
Your brain is buried alongside him.
Cant lift your thoughts to the morning
your eyes are so heavy with grief
The mourners are moaning
the birds, they are crying,

Death is nothing more than a Thief.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The yelling is unbearable, too loud
My head pounds, yet I am happy.
There's no mistake when your undertook by love
Your fingers are cold, your breath is shaky, but your live.
Your Earth is breathing, your ground is sighing,
Yet you make no mistakes, you're nimble.

Rescuing the unforgiving soul is nothing less than a mission,
A mission of the mind.
Smile and you'll find you're open
The whisper of your heart is unnerving,
maybe you can do this,
maybe you cant

Either way you'll always know
I Love.

Attack, Attack!

Violent sorrow
Never forgiving life itself
What has happened to this Earth?
Grasping for something out of reach
So close you can nearly taste it

Attacking, Attacking
Dissolving your heart
The pain you couldn't bear from the start
Bitter tears, unleashing memories and fears
and the things you wouldn't like to recall

Bittersweet like strawberry wine-
Love unleashed at its worst

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cupid Isn't Stupid

Stricken with the golden arrow
Hearts clouding up your eyes

All I see is your face, all you see is mine. 

Cupid isn't stupid, no escaping what he came for, 
To maybe make a better name for himself this time.

While we keep running back to smile again, 
The sun will still set
The ocean is still wet 
and I still love you.

Cupid isn't stupid.

Happy [Almost] Valentines day, everyone(: 
I hope you have a lovely day <3


Not a Love song

This is no love song. No, no, no no.
It's not a brokenhearted ballad, there's nothing here that's valid.

This is no love song. No, nonono.
This isn't goodbye, hello, no money, ain't some phony game show.

Just show me where your mind begins, spill your secrets, let me in, I want to just know why...
Will I ever see you cry?

I wanna hear your thoughts and taste your lips,
the doubts, the wondering
all have skipped
their reason
Little change of season
Just show me where it starts?
I want to see the way your mind begins just give me the key to let me in
So I can maybe unlock your heart?

This is no love song, no, no, no..
This isn't some shallow little girl living life as pretty as a pearl

This is no love song, no, [clearly it's not]
This isn't some creepy person hitting on you,
No, it's not just because your hot. [not just because, never was it just because x2]

J-Just give me the permit, I'll keep your secrets 'till they overflow my mind

J-Just give me the word, and I'll forget everything I've heard-
I'm confident this time.


In the air, lighter than a feather,
I can see us dreaming twice, 
Floating in the sky forever.

Suspended like puppets on strings, 
but you'll always have the golden wings 
No matter the horror I am dreaming, 

It is you I'm always seeking

But I can see the catch, it's clearly false hope
Always leading to the bottomless pit at the end of the rope.


I'll get medical attention for my heart, it's in suspension
I must reckon that you beckon all the time
To steal hearts away
To save seven souls per day,
To make a life worth living more.

So on to this computer I'll spill my mind,
It Is You That I Adore.

No symbolism, ryhme,
The world, it runs on its own time.
Without a reason or change of season

I'll always wish that you'll be mine.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hidden under velvet curtains
Silent said, the unspoken
There she waits to dine again
With the hatred nowhere else can she send

The shame is unnerving
she hides it anyway
locks it under lies
day after day

In her golden cage
all she feels is shame