Saturday, March 26, 2011

Your Eyes

Distract me with your eyes
That jump around the room
the bright sun glistening
through a foggy autumn afternoon
dewdrops form into rainbows
as your eyes, they melt to gold
your face is hypnotizing- 
           It tells stories that have never been told.


When the sky is sunlit, and blooming with the morning-
or when the clouds are blackened, when the sky is scorning-
the people of these darkened days
will fight to go their separate ways


the world will ever be. 

Meet Me Halfway

Meet me halfway, beneath the stars, beneath the moon,
under the weeping willow in the park. 

Meet me halfway, beneath the stars, beneath the moon, 
when the night has fallen, when it's dark. 

Meet me halfway, bring yourself, bring your smile, 
we can talk while sitting in trees. 

Meet me halfway, between your house and mine, 
and we'll laugh in the soft summer breeze.