Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hey Look Another Song:D

Sometimes I wish I could run away from all the pain
Fuck the umbrella, just go dancing in the rain
We're running to the land of Oz
In rain, snow, sun or fog we'll go
There's so much to show

Hold my hand, we can make it
Hurricane, we can take it
Don't restrain, never fake it
Won't complain, we can shake it

Dusting off our shoulders with our heads held high
No pain, no gain, the people of the world cry
So I'll endure the weather
But if it never gets better
Imma blame you [sorry] for ever and ever
It wont be your fault lets not forget,
When the thunder is coming and we get a little wet
We'll walk in the thunderstorm
But you're still by my side so my smile stays warm

I'm like oh, boy you really got my hopes held high
No matter the color of the sky
I'll always be lost in your eyes
Because I'm so mesmerized

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And I'm

Swimming through a sea of pain
burning my skin like acid rain
and I'm falling.
and I'm falling.

No one seems to hear my screams
or see the tears that mark my dreams
and I'm crying.
and I'm crying.

I am hiding all my cuts
shameful, painful, deep red ruts,
and I'm praying.
and I'm praying.

A storm cloud's raining on my head
I'm partially alive, but dead
and I'm hoping.
and I'm hoping.

You promised, you promised me but then, again, I see
and I'm falling and I'm crying and I'm praying and I'm hoping and I'm fighting

For You.
My eyes remain dry
I can't cry anymore
I miss you already; it's Hell
and I'm so torn
the walls of the world crumble around me
only thoughts of you surrounding my heart
where do I start?
I'm shattered, broken, choking on tears 
because my pansy fears are true-
but I never want to go to school because I'll die of missing you.


Is the future worth the present-
is the past so long ago? 
How long has it been since winter-
it's been ages since the snow.
The present is now, the past- the last word you read. 
You won't ever go back or forward in time,
despite what scientists said.

You may cast your predictions
You may look at history
But you'll never EVER see again what your eye of the present sees.