Friday, February 11, 2011

Not a Love song

This is no love song. No, no, no no.
It's not a brokenhearted ballad, there's nothing here that's valid.

This is no love song. No, nonono.
This isn't goodbye, hello, no money, ain't some phony game show.

Just show me where your mind begins, spill your secrets, let me in, I want to just know why...
Will I ever see you cry?

I wanna hear your thoughts and taste your lips,
the doubts, the wondering
all have skipped
their reason
Little change of season
Just show me where it starts?
I want to see the way your mind begins just give me the key to let me in
So I can maybe unlock your heart?

This is no love song, no, no, no..
This isn't some shallow little girl living life as pretty as a pearl

This is no love song, no, [clearly it's not]
This isn't some creepy person hitting on you,
No, it's not just because your hot. [not just because, never was it just because x2]

J-Just give me the permit, I'll keep your secrets 'till they overflow my mind

J-Just give me the word, and I'll forget everything I've heard-
I'm confident this time.

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